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As you age, you might start noticing an increasing amount of loose or sagging skin. At Delta Internal Medicine Center, Michael Akpeke, MD, offers men and women living in Downtown Orlando, Florida, comprehensive skin tightening procedures to restore their self-confidence and restore their youthful glow. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Akpeke today by phone or online to learn more about the benefits of skin tightening procedures.

Skin Tightening Q & A

What causes loose skin?

The older you get, the more the skin on your face and body starts to feel less firm. This loss of tightness is natural, and there’s rarely anything you can do about it except seek cosmetic treatment.

Your skin can also lose its tightness as a result of weight changes and pregnancy. The more physical changes your body endures, the more likely it is that your skin will loosen up.

In most cases, loose skin doesn’t have anything to do with a medical complication, but it can put a damper on your self-confidence. Dr. Akpeke offers nonsurgical skin tightening treatment to remedy this.

What is laser skin tightening?

Laser skin tightening refers to an FDA-approved, minimally invasive procedure that uses infrared light to tighten your skin in targeted areas. This nonsurgical method heats the collagen under the surface of your skin, causing your skin to tighten.

Laser skin tightening boosts your body’s production of new collagen, which pushes your body to heal and create healthy cells.

Dr. Akpeke can recommend laser skin tightening to remove the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on your face, as well as skin laxity.  

What should I expect during a skin tightening procedure?

Before starting your treatment, you should remove any makeup, sunscreen, or substance that you may have put on your skin.

Dr. Akpeke then applies a topical anesthetic cream to the treatment area and gives you protective eyewear. You shouldn’t need any further anesthetic, as laser skin tightening is painless. However, you might want to consider pain medication should you be especially sensitive to discomfort.

Dr. Akpeke then uses a handpiece to pulse laser energy onto the skin. He might need to go over the treatment area three times to ensure optimal results. The device releases cool air with each pulse of laser energy to avoid any discomfort.

Your skin tightening procedure can last up to an hour, depending on the location and size of the treatment area.

You should be able to resume your normal activities immediately after your skin tightening treatment, though you might notice some redness and minor swelling in the treatment area. These symptoms should go away within a few hours of the treatment.

If you’d like to learn more about how skin tightening treatments can help your aesthetic goals, schedule an appointment at Delta Internal Medicine Center today by phone or online.