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Are you looking to find permanent solutions to getting rid of unwanted hair? Laser hair removal gives you conclusive results without the risk of cutting yourself with a razor. At Delta Internal Medicine Center, Michael Akpeke, MD, offers men and women living in Downtown Orlando, Florida, top-of-the-line ICON® laser hair removal services. Find out whether laser hair removal is right for you. Contact the office today by phone or online to schedule an appointment.

Laser Hair Removal Q & A

What is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal refers to a cosmetic therapy that eliminates hair in targeted areas. Dr. Akpeke uses ICON technology for optimal results.

During your laser hair removal appointment, Dr. Akpeke uses energy produced by a laser to target your outer layer of skin. This allows him to reach hair follicles directly beneath this surface.

As the heat from the laser reaches the follicles, they’re forced to heat up and self-destruct. No hair will grow back in that area.

Where can I get laser hair removal treatment?

Dr. Akpeke first starts by determining what your aesthetic goals are. From there, he can recommend various areas of your body where you can get laser hair removal.

Based on your initial conversation with Dr. Akpeke, he might recommend laser hair removal treatment on any of the following areas:

  • Chest and back
  • Bikini line
  • Legs and arms
  • Underarms
  • Upper lip and chin

If you’d like hair removed in different areas, feel free to contact Dr. Akpeke to discuss whether this is possible.

When should I expect to see results?*

It can take up to 10 laser sessions to eliminate all the hair in your preferred treatment area. Naturally, the number of sessions varies depending on which area you’ve chosen to target. Nonetheless, permanent hair removal can often require 10 sessions.

Each hair follicle grows at different rates, and it often takes 13 weeks for your hair to reach the skin’s surface. Consequently, you’ll need multiple sessions to target hair follicles as they develop.

In some cases, Dr. Akpeke can recommend a smaller number of sessions. Your treatment frequency greatly depends on your family history, age, and hormone levels.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

Laser hair removal shouldn’t cause any pain whatsoever. However, keep in mind that the treatment works by heating your hair follicle. As a result, you may feel some tingling sensations during the session. These sensations will go away once the treatment is over.

In the hours following the procedure, you might experience redness or slight swelling. Don’t worry; this is normal and will fade within a few hours. If redness or swelling worsens, contact Delta Internal Medicine Center immediately.

Get rid of unwanted hair. Schedule a laser hair removal appointment with the expert team at Delta Internal Medicine Center today by phone or through the online booking tool.

*Individual results may vary